Brand Group Phy. Tol. BSR Res. White Mold Standability Emergence


0.9 G NR A F NR
16M6R 1.6 A G A G G
18M8R 1.8 G G A G A
20E4RR 2.0 VG NR G VG VG
21H9R 2.1 A VG G VG A
22E1RR 2.2 G NR A G G
23K3RR 2.3 A G G VG VG
24H7R 2.4 A VG A VG F
26B6RR 2.6 A NR A G G
26H1R 2.6 A VG VG E VG
28Z2RR 2.8 A VG G E A
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NR=Not Rated | P=Poor | F=Fair | A=Average | G=Good | VG=Very Good | E=Excellent