Rain stress

N loss, another challenge this Spring…click Fate and Movement of Soil N

Don’t Forget About Us

Milking Goats…Wisconsin #1 click…44,000

Not so Cheap Labor

Farmworkers click…price tag

GMO Labeling Bill Facing Uphill Path

New GMO Labeling…not so sure, click….slow roll

Dairy Major For UW Platteville

New state-of-the -art Dairy center open for new semester…click school of Ag

Corn Planting after Rye

Corn Seedling Pressure…click delay

Small Farms Still Have A Large Impact

US Family Farms…click growth

Farmer Rating System Next?

Maybe the Chinese will develope a ” Farmer Rating” …click Score

Autonomous Cars…what about tractors too

Case IH…looking forward, click Mars rover or tractor

Women in Agriculture

Women -lead and thriving…click FarmHer

RIB Concerns

Industry looking at possible RIB cracks…click RIB

Keeping Seed Safe

Cold, cold and click…under lock and key

Team up!

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Every plant, every kernel, every detail!

High yield…click video

A Century of Seed Success!!


The John Spangler Story: A Century of Seed Success – 50 Years of Leadership


Thanksgiving generates warm memories. It is a time for celebrating our heritage, our families, and those who have made us strong, and helped us become all we are.  There is a little known story of a family right here […]

Get to know your Nematodes

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