Sharing the Tradition

johnJeff_AEYsmEvery Wisconsin farm has a story to share. The Spangler Seed Farm, Jefferson, Wisconsin got its start in 1913 when John Spangler’s dad and uncle were truly pioneers in the art and science of commercial seed production. As the decades passed, the 1930’s brought the science of hybridization and a revolutionary change for this country’s corn production occurred, and the Spangler family embraced the change. We continue to encompass
changes every season in production, seed treatments, traits…the list is extensive. We take pride in addressing these changes and challenges to insure excellence in the products
and service we offer.

Your farm’s story may differ from ours, in years or acres, but we have many things in common. We are passionate about farming. We strive for exceptional crops every season. We expect year round support and outstanding service from the products and people we buy from.

Planning, precision and hard work fuel your farm, and ours as well. Thank you for your support throughout all these years, from our farm to yours.

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